Bangkok Promo: Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions REBLL Cookies Bangkok promotion.

At the AW Asia event, REBLL Network is handing out fortune cookies on which one can win lucrative prizes. The terms and conditions of these prizes can be found below.


General terms and conditions:

  • The prize can be redeemed only once;
  • Proof of the prize must be provided when redeeming the prize;
  • Prizes can only be redeemed through your assigned Affiliate Manager;
  • If the traffic you send to redeem prizes is fraudulent, the prizes will be declared void;
  • The Affiliate Managers of REBLL Network will declare if traffic is valid or fraud;
  • Sending fraudulent traffic may lead to an account suspension.


Terms and conditions: Bring in 1 new partner and get a 5% referral fee in 2024.

  • If you win a 5% referral fee for 2024, the fee applies from the moment a referred affiliate starts to send traffic;
  • The 5% referral fee for 2024 ends after December 2024;
  • The 5% referral fee counts for one partner. The additional partners will be placed within our original 3% referral fee bracket;
  • If a referred affiliate sends fraudulent traffic, the 5% referral fee will be declared void.


Terms and conditions: €500,- on top of your next invoice.

  • New partners: When you reach €500,- within one month, we will add €500,- to your next invoice. This prize will be redeemable for new partners until 30 June 2024, provided the monthly €500,- mark is reached;
  • Existing partners: If your invoice is €500,- higher than your invoiced amount of November 2023, we will add €500,- to your next invoice. The €500,- on top of your next invoice is only valid for the invoice of the month after the event (January 2024) for active partners;
  • The €500,- will be on top of your invoice once and is only applicable on the invoice mentioned above. It cannot be used for later invoices;
  • The €500,- on top of your invoice will indeed be on top of an invoice. It cannot be paid out otherwise.

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Contact one of our affiliate managers

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