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Stephan van der Mark
Senior Sales Support

I am Stephan van der Mark, Sales Support Specialist at REBLL Network.

My main focus is to provide comprehensive support to our sales department, ensuring smooth operations. Additionally, I am responsible for managing the tracking platform.

My journey towards Rebll

I initially started my journey in sales, first at a bank and later at a telecom company. The stiff management and the specific type of people of such companies no longer appealed to me and I started looking for a completely different industry. By chance, I ended up in the online affiliate marketing world through a friend. First with an affiliate program aimed at the Dutch-speaking market. Here too I started on sales. I did this for a few years until after 8 years of sales I wanted something different. Being able to make the transition internally to the support side. A few years later I got the chance to team up with a new online affiliate marketing company called REBLL. I grabbed this opportunity with both hands and I have been part of the team from the start of the company. I contribute with my skills and passion to support its growth and success.

My role at Rebll

As a Sales Support Specialist at REBLL Network, I act as a link between the sales and technical departments. My primary focus is to provide comprehensive support to the sales team so they can spend more time on their core business. In addition, I am responsible for managing the tracking platform we use. I take care of the implementation of new offers and maintain the existing ones. It is also my responsibility that the correct payout amounts are set per campaign.

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