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Nadja Podlipnig
Senior Affiliate Manager

Welcome, Willkommen, Benvenuti, Добро пожаловать & Welkom to my team entry page! I’m Nadja Podlipnig, Senior Affiliate Manager at REBLL Network.
In this role, I am responsible for developing and implementing the company’s affiliate marketing strategy to drive sales and bring the company’s growth to the next level.

My journey towards Rebll

My journey in Affiliate Marketing started in 2019 when I moved from Austria, where I am originally from, to the Netherlands. While in terms of marketing, I was a career changer, my previous job as a language teacher in Austria taught me some useful skills and qualifications that came in handy for my affiliate manager job: I speak 4.5 languages fluently and gained some useful communication and intercultural skills over the years.
My first step in the Affiliate Marketing world was a little detour in E-commerce before I became a real REBLL – And later I became a Senior REBLL as well. Since day one I fell in love with the industry and especially the people that make this industry what it is now.

My role at Rebll

As Senior Affiliate Manager, I try to combine strategic thinking, relationship management, and data analysis skills to drive successful affiliate partnerships, increase revenue, and enhance the company’s overall marketing efforts.
On the one hand, I work closely with existing partners by building and maintaining strong relationships to maximize performance on both ends. I do my best to provide support 24/7 and offer guidance and assistance to help affiliates effectively promote our company’s products.
On the other hand, I aim to identify potential new partners and recruit them to join our network. This involves reviewing applications, negotiating terms, and providing promotional material to get them started.
By analyzing data, optimizing campaigns, and making strategic decisions my goal is to increase revenue for both parties and grow long-lasting fruitful partnerships.

Connect with me!

Thank you, danke, grazie, cпасибо& dankjewel for visiting my team entry page. If the REBLL in me could catch your interest and you would like to discuss some business opportunities, have questions, or just would like to connect, I am more than happy to connect via Skype, Telegram, email, Linkedin, at conferences/in person or wherever else you find me.