Marleen Hendriksma
HR Manager

I am Marleen Hendriksma, the HR Manager at Rebll Network. As HR Manager at Rebll Network, I am the first point of contact for our employees when it comes to personnel-related issues. I try to create the best possible working environment for our employees. In addition, I also try to attract the right talent to take Rebll Network to a higher level.

My journey towards Rebll

My journey in the field of HR began when I started studying Human Resource Management at the ‘’Hogeschool van Amsterdam’’. Since I was little, I had always been interested in people and law, therefore this education felt like the right study for me. During my studies, I worked for different companies. At the end of my studies when I had to write my thesis, I started working for an Affiliate Marketing company as a HR Advisor. I fell in love with the industry, the people working in this industry and the fast-pass changes that Affiliate Marketing offers. After 4 years of working for this company, it was the time to make a switch and I came in contact with Rebll Network, where I could start as a HR Manager.

My role at Rebll

At Rebll Network it is my responsibility to create and set up the entire HR, such as employee handbooks and work policies. Next to that, I am also responsible for the employees and salary. I mainly focus on the current staff and try to get them as far as possible in their career at Rebll Network. In addition, I also focus on setting up future HR strategies, so that the HR plans grow along with the rest of the company. I also ensure that the correct laws and regulations are complied with.

Connect with me!

Thank you for visiting my team entry page. If you have any questions about our company or if you are interested in working with or for us, please feel free to contact me!