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Jordi Prast
Affiliate Manager

Welcome! Happy to see you’ve made it to my team entry page! My name is Jordi Prast, Affiliate Manager at REBLL Network.

Every day, my goal is to enhance my connections with partners and consistently stimulate mutual growth and development. The key to success? Open and efficient communication, the right commitment and mindset, and above all, having a lot of fun!

My journey towards Rebll

After thoroughly enjoying my years as a student, it was time to enter the world of grown-ups, and I was eagerly looking forward to it! Not knowing precisely which role or market would suit me best, I embarked on a search for a fast-paced market and something entirely new. The excitement of the unknown and the potential for continuous growth were what attracted me most to this role. With Communication as my academic background, it likely doesn’t come as a surprise that I thrive on meeting new people and exploring ways to collaborate with them. What a coincidence; it seems like a perfect fit with my new role!

My role at Rebll

As an Affiliate Manager, I am constantly on the lookout for opportunities, striving to promptly seize them and ensure that my partners and REBLL Network benefit from them. 

In addition to pursuing new opportunities, I also focus on optimizing active campaigns by analyzing traffic and implementing improvements. 

My primary goal is to make collaborations with both new and existing partners as successful as possible, where the sky’s the limit. 

I am committed to providing my partners with the best guidance and support throughout the entire week to ensure the swift resolution of any problems that may arise. Our market never sleeps!

Connect with me!

Enough about me, let’s talk about you! Feel free to reach out and introduce yourself to me as well. I’m always looking for new partners. Let’s discuss a potential partnership, and hopefully, we can start working together in the near future!