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Gwendolyn Uithoven
Head of Sales

I am Gwendolyn Uithoven, the Head of Sales at REBLL Network. As the senior point of contact for day-to-day business management, I take on every challenge as an opportunity to innovate and excel. Steering our sales team towards success is my responsibility and priority.

My journey towards Rebll

After studying Culture and Art History in Amsterdam, a subject I enjoyed but quickly realized wasn’t the right fit for me careerwise, I was introduced to our in-house advertiser. Over the years, I grew both personally and professionally, taking on various roles, with my final position being Operational Manager, overseeing different teams and departments.

During my time as an Operational Manager, I felt the urge to explore the sales side of the business, drawn to its dynamic, international nature and the exciting opportunity for networking and meeting new people, which I love! This decision led me to join REBLL, and to this day, I don’t regret this choice.

Starting my journey as a junior affiliate manager, I possessed extensive product knowledge gained from my time and experience at the advertiser. Five years have passed since then, and now I proudly hold the position of Head of Sales

My role at Rebll

As the Head of Sales of REBLL, I have a strategic role in driving sales and establishing strong client relationships. As the senior point of contact for day-to-day business, I manage a sales team of affiliate managers, empowering them to find innovative solutions for clients and grow their partnerships/businesses. I develop ideas and solutions and collaborate with other units to expand opportunities and increase revenue. Equipped with essential tools, my team works cohesively in a supportive environment, dedicated to achieving company goals.

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