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Arthur Hoogendoorn
Marketing Manager

Welcome to my team entry page! I’m Arthur Hoogendoorn, the Marketing Manager at Rebll Network. Allow me to introduce myself and give you a glimpse into my world. As the Marketing Manager, I thrive on the dynamic nature of the industry and the exciting challenges it presents us every day. With a deep passion for marketing and a knack for innovative strategies, I am dedicated to driving growth and maximizing the potential of Rebll Network.

My journey towards Rebll

My journey in marketing began years ago when I made the switch from account management to online marketing. SEO specifically. I studied international business, and along that line I worked as an online marketeer for several years. After that, I worked on many challenging e-commerce and marketing management cases, developing myself as a well-rounded generalist within all marketing facets. I believe that marketing is not just about selling products or services, but about creating meaningful relationships with our audience. By understanding their needs, aspirations, and pain points, I aim to craft strategies that resonate, and have valuable returns.

My role at Rebll

At Rebll Network, my primary goal is to develop and implement comprehensive marketing campaigns that amplify our brand presence, engage our target audience, and ultimately boost our business performance. I work closely with a talented team of “Rebll’s”, developing a collaborative environment where creativity and innovation flourish. Keywords that would describe my work are: data-driven, adaptive and cooperative. Rebll is already a great brand with an outstanding team, and it is my goal to ensure that everyone in the industry knows this! I am a firm believer in data-driven decision-making. By interpreting data from analytical tools and metrics, I gain valuable insights that shape our marketing strategies and help us optimize our campaigns for maximum impact. By tracking and evaluating key performance indicators, I continuously fine-tune our approach to achieve optimal results. Working at Rebll Network has both been very rewarding and educational for me. The challenges an ever-changing industry brings result in a very dynamic job with challenges at all managerial levels. My target is to use marketing to help Rebll Network expand on all levels, all the while having a lot of fun on the go!

Connect with me!

Thank you for visiting my team entry page. If you have any questions or would like to discuss marketing strategies, partnerships, or just to have a marketing-chat, feel free to reach out. I’m always excited to connect with fellow professionals and share insights. Let’s connect!