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The best type of traffic to use for adult dating offers

The potential of adult content has always been, and will always be HUGE. This evergreen vertical is a game of great numbers. However, it is not that easy to make it profitable.

You want to maximze your profits but first, you need to understand that not all types of traffic are suited for dating offers.

First of all, you have to reach your audience effectively. You have to be aware of where your ads will be shown. This could be a social media platform, an adult website, or maybe a blog. How would your audience react to it? This depends on the source of course.


Forget what I just said

Like most things in life, just assuming that something will work out or won’t is not always the smartest thing to do. Instead, what you should do is think logically and keep track of the statistics. As the proverb goes, people lie, numbers don’t. In the end, it is all about the EPC.

Choose your traffic type wisely. This will help you to make the right decision, we will share with you what works best for our offers. 


Top 3 best traffic sources:

  • Ad Networks
  • E-mail
  • Native Ads


A must (!) consider

Media buying through ad networks works in most cases best, in case of conversion rate. Networks like Trafficjunky and Exoclick for example give access to an enormous amount of adult traffic opportunities.

If you want to display your ads on some of the world’s biggest adult websites, then these networks are what you’re looking for.


Is email traffic still even a thing?

A short answer to that question, yes! Email traffic can be rewarding and effective when done right. The foremost thing you want to do is to build a legitimate mailing list. Because the thing here is that you don’t want to fall into the ”spam” category. 

Segmentation is here a must, you should segment by user interest, country, and age. Just as you would do to your display campaigns. 

Extra tip: choose a catchy title + subtitle. You should stand out in the inbox. 

I would suggest you try different sources and target groups. If some campaign is getting the job done, focus on it and improve it.


Chameleon ads

Native ads work really well when integrated the right way. It should blend in the website or platform they appear on, like a chameleon. Do your homework and see which website/platform this would be for you. This could be a blog site about dating for example.


3 more highly effective tips

Test, test, and test. I suggest you test different things to stay ahead of your rivals. Look at the statistics of your campaigns frequently to get the most out of it.


Fruitful cooperation

Furthermore, don’t forget to bond with your affiliate manager. Make the cooperation work by asking for feedback and advice. Affiliate Managers know more than you think and have a clear overview of all the stats within a network. Together you can see where opportunities lie to optimize your profits!

Are you ready to earn it?

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Contact one of our affiliate managers

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