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Exciting New Dating Offers with SOI Payout Models!

Guess what? We’ve heard you loud and clear! Your requests for SOI payout models in our dating offers have been answered. The wait is finally over, and we’re thrilled to introduce our new CPL SOI payout models. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the details of these SOI offers, and how they can be great for your revenue streams!


What is the difference between SOI and DOI?

Let’s start with the basics. SOI stands for Single Opt-In, where a user becomes a lead the moment they sign up on our offer (website). On the other hand, DOI, or Double Opt-In, requires users to confirm their email address before counting as a lead. With SOI, affiliates get paid one step sooner, making it simpler and faster.


What are the benefits of running SOI offers?

Why should you consider SOI? Simple – it’s a data goldmine! SOI offers have high conversion rates. This means that compared to our regular DOI offers, you are able to spot the best converting flows faster. In DOI offers, around 40% of registered users may not complete the confirmation, resulting in ‘lost’ leads and data. SOI ensures you to get conversions for all registrations, keeping affiliates happy, boosting earnings, and above all, allowing you to improve your strategy on data. Plus, these SOI offers are available in various GEOs, including Mexico and Japan, catering to different traffic types like display and email.


REBLL verified offers

Where do these high quality offers come from? They’re curated from the best names in the online dating industry, boasting high conversion rates and attractive websites. Our REBLL team meticulously analyses and approves these SOI offers, assuring quality and reliability. All our SOI offers are completely REBLL verified, so you can confidently run these offers and enjoy the benefits they bring.


Maximise your profits!

To sum it up, running these SOI offers means a boosted conversion rate, and more data for you to rely upon. If you’re ready to dive in, reach out to one of our Affiliate Managers. They’ll share the offers with you and provide any additional details you might need.

Exciting times are ahead with our new SOI payout models! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your earnings and streamline your affiliate marketing journey. Reach out today and let’s elevate your dating offers to a whole new level!

Are you ready to earn it?

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Contact one of our affiliate managers

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