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What are the best websites for banner ads?

To answer that question, we first have to understand what we actually want to market. And then we look for websites with good traffic in that niche. 

This will help boost the conversion rate of the ad. Thereafter, we will look at how this can be done effectively. 

In our case, we want to push adult content banners. The goal is to generate leads to the adult offers, which you will be paid for. To get there, what you want to do is target a specific, and get a vast amount of potential customers. 

People who are interested in these adult offers are most likely active on related websites.  


This is what you should do

The most effective way to push your banners is to cooperate with ad networks. Ad networks are the ones between publishers and advertisers. These networks help you to generate internet traffic through their marketing solutions. 

This allows you to distribute your banners onto multiple (adult) websites.


Top 3 ad networks

  • Exoclick
  • Trafficstars
  • Trafficjunky

These are some examples of ad networks that give access to billions of daily ad impressions. 

There are many blog sites where these networks are compared. I would recommend you to do some research and try to see which works best for you. 

Are you ready to earn it?

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Contact one of our affiliate managers

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