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Win a trip to the Amsterdam Dance Event


We have exciting news: we are launching our very first affiliate competition! All affiliates can participate in our REBLL ALL STARS event. Whether you are a true REBLL veteran or just joined the family, everyone can become one of 5 ALL STAR winners! All REBLL affiliates can sign up until the 30th of June! If you have no account with REBLL yet, make sure you sign up!


When is the competition?

The competition itself will last for two months. In June, you can sign up through our sign-up form. It’s go time from the 1st of July until the 31st of August! You can become one of the 5 ALL STARS during these two months.


What can you win?

There will be 5 ALL STAR winners. The prize? Well, that’s something you won’t want to miss! You can win a fully catered weekend (17 – 19 October) in the Netherlands during the Amsterdam Dance Event in October. This includes flights, a hotel in the city’s center, food, drinks, transfers, great parties, and other activities!

The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is a world-renowned electronic music conference and festival held annually in Amsterdam, featuring various performances across many genres.


How can you win?

Everyone can win by doing what you do best: sending traffic! During July and August, you can become a REBLL ALL STAR in the following categories:

Nr1 Overal

  • Our grand champion! This winning category needs little explanation. This person will have the best overall performance compared to their benchmark.


Nr1 Verified Offers (CPL)

  • This “ALL STAR” will have the best general performance using REBLL Verified offers.


Nr1 U.S.A. (US traffic)

  • Become the number 1 U.S.A. by sending “star-spangled banner” traffic to our US offers!


Nr1 Top EU GEOs (UK, IT, DE, FR, ES traffic)

  • Become the “Euro Titan” by sending traffic to our top-European offers.


Best Newcomer

  • Attention freshmen! Have you started with REBLL recently? If you have made less than €500,- revenue over the last 6 months, you automatically qualify for the Best Newcomer category.


We will create a benchmark of your performance over the last 6 months at REBLL and use this as your benchmark. If you recently started, you can compete for best newcomer. There will be bi-weekly updates on the leaderboard, and the winners will be made known in the first week of September!

So no time to waste! Sign up through our sign-up form, and we’ll be in touch! If you have any questions, contact your AM, and may the best affiliates become REBLL ALL STARS!


Are you ready to earn it?

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Contact one of our affiliate managers

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