Alina Dotsenko
Senior Affiliate Manager

I am Alina Dotsenko, Senior affiliate manager at REBLL Network. As Senior Affiliate Manager at REBLL Network in such a dynamic industry as affiliate marketing, I aspire to keep abreast of rapidly changing market conditions, understand the needs of our partners, and constantly look for opportunities to grow partners’ profits.

My journey towards Rebll

My affiliate marketing career started in Ukraine. I was finishing my studies at the university in the field of applied mathematics and simultaneously was working as a credit specialist. Unexpectedly for me, I got a nice opportunity to challenge myself as an affiliate manager in the Affiliate Marketing Industry. It was a very interesting stage in my life and everything was completely new for me.

The rapidly changing industry, new acquaintances around the world, the development of new skills and knowledge, daily challenges, and almost 24/7 work gave me an incredible impetus to grow and the desire to grow within the industry. I have worked for several networks, with almost all verticals and with all types of traffic – which allows me to see affiliate marketing from different angles and help affiliates to grow. The next stage was moving to the Netherlands where I found REBLL Network and started my journey with REBLL.

My role at Rebll

As a Senior affiliate manager at REBLL, my primary function is to cultivate and maintain relationships with affiliates. My key intention is to showcase the benefits and opportunities of promoting our Dating CPL offers. When you start working with REBLL, l will guide you through the onboarding process, and provide you with all the necessary resources and guidelines, so you’re then fully prepared to launch campaigns and be sure you will see good results! You will get constant support on campaigns you’re running: optimization tips, different landing pages for A/B testing, creative elements, and proper feedback on campaign performance. It is important to me to get feedback from my partners as well so I know what to improve/provide from our side as well.

Connect with me!

Thanks for visiting my entry page! If you have quality traffic and want to monetize it with our direct dating offers, I would be happy to be your dedicated manager and do my best to keep you constantly updated regarding our newest offers and help to boost your profits, feel free to contact me!